FROST-Server Documentation

Live documentation for the development version.

Database: PostgreSQL with PostGIS

The FROST-Server needs a database to store its data. Currently only PostgreSQL with the PostGIS extensions is supported.

Database installation

  1. create PostgreSQL database for the data
  2. install the postgis extensions in this database (CREATE EXTENSION postgis;)
  3. Optional: If you want to use UUIDs as entity ids, you need the uuid-ossp extension (CREATE EXTENSION "uuid-ossp";)

Database configuration

The HTTP and all-in-one MQTTP packages use JNDI to get a database resource from Tomcat or Wildfly. You have to configure a resource in Tomcat/Wildfly, and then tell the FROST-Server what name you gave this resource. The default name is jdbc/sensorThings.

Database initialisation or upgrade

After setting up FROST-Server in Docker, Tomcat or Wildfly:

  1. Browse to http://localhost:8080/FROST/DatabaseStatus
  2. Click the upgrade button

This should initialise/update the database to the latest version and the service is ready for use.

Now you may want to have a look at Performance tips for PostgreSQL and PostGIS.