FROST-Server Documentation

Live documentation for the development version.

Base Configuration Options

There are several ways to deploy the different packages the make up the FROST-Server. The HTTP and all-in-one MQTTP packages can be run in Tomcat or Wildfly, or as a docker image. The MQTT package is a stand-alone application that can be run directly from the command line, or as a docker image. For each option, the configuration is taken from (in order of priority):

Important when using Environment variables: Environment variables are not allowed to have the dot (.) character in the name. You must replace all of the dots in the names with an underscore (_).

General Settings

These are settings affecting both the MQTT and HTTP packages.

HTTP settings

These are settings for the HTTP package.

Auth settings

See auth for more information.

MQTT settings

These are settings for the MQTT package.

Persistence Settings

These settings deal with the database connection, for both the HTTP and MQTT packages.

message bus settings

These settings configure the way the HTTP and MQTT packages communicate with each other.

Settings for the Message bus classes

Extension Settings

These settings control various non-standard extensions.